Monday, June 22, 2009

Crazy Days

Well the last few weeks have been a flutter of activity for our family. While we were in Boston, London found out that she got a part in a play in Richmond for the Fall...very exciting!! She also went in for an interview for a restaurant server's position at the historic Jefferson Hotel in downtown Richmond and walked out as their new special parties/event planner...very, very exciting!! Scott and I are so proud - we really feel she will excel in this position. We're excited to go for a preview in the next couple of weeks.

My sister, Liberty, got married a little over a week ago...such beautiful wedding and reception. It was great to have all our family and AJ's (Liberty's husband) in for the big event. Our house was a circus for a few days, but now it's too quiet. Of course, Scott has found out that he likes Wii golf, so that has kept our house from being too quiet.

It's hard to believe the summer is about halfway over. We have the beach bug and are hoping to somehow find time to get away for a couple of days!

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